Endometriosis Knowledgebase

A repository for genes associated with endometriosis

About us

ICMR Biomedical Informatics Centre
ICMR- National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, Mumbai

This centre is one of the Biomedical Informatics Centers of ICMR. The key areas of research at the center involve structure-function studies on GPCRs and antimicrobial peptides, screening for SNPs/ mutations in infertile subjects and database development. To know more about our center, kindly visit http://www.nirrh.res.in/centres/BIC or http://www.bicnirrh.res.in/

People involved

Dr. Smita D. Mahale Principal investigator
Shaini Joseph PhD scholar


Contact us:

ICMR-Biomedical Informatics Center
National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health
J.M. Street, Parel

Email: ek@bicnirrh.res.in